Flood Zones

Please click on the link below for Flood Zones. There is an interactive link to enter your address to see you exact location on the map.


Safety – Hurricane and Tornado

Please click on the link below to view Emergency Info and Sarasota Shelters Map. Also, you may want to review the Quick Guide for Storm Emergencies.



BE PREPARED FOR AN EMERGENCY (see Official Disaster Planning Guide – tampabaypreparedness.org)

  1. Have a Disaster Plan 
  2. Prepare a Grab and Go Kit
  3. Know how to brace for a Storm 
  4. Decide if you should STAY or GO – take shelter or evacuate (Zone A and manufactured homes)
  5. Help your neighbor 

Seasonal Residents must be sure that their home and grounds are prepared for hurricane season BEFORE leaving the park. 

Year-round Residents must make sure that their home and grounds are hurricane ready any time that they leave the park for more than 3 days during hurricane season or whenever a storm approaches.

Have a “Designated friend or contractor” to check and/or repair your home following an emergency. 

Natural Disaster Contact and Communications Information

  • Register for Evacuation Information – Alerts and Sarasota County Robo calls

https://www.scgov.net/  (941- 861-5000)

Evacuation Centers

Denis Phillips weatherman

  • Personal cell phone weather alert –  NOAA app, Weather Channel App
  • Register for Special/medical with Sarasota County  (941-379-5000)
  • Hurricane/tornado warnings  http//www.nhc.noaa.gov/aboutgloss.shtml#h
  • NOAA Weather Radio Freq 162.40 MHz
  • Radio Stations
    • AM 930,1280,1490,1450,1220,1420,1530
    • FM 88.1,89.1,92.1,102.5,106.9,104.3,105.9,106.5,107.9,96.3

TORNADOES:  You have 5-10 minutes to take shelter in your vehicle.  Stay in your carport. Take pillows, blankets, and water.  Put your seat belt on, lower your seat as far as possible below the windows, and cover your face and body. WAIT FOR ALL CLEAR.  Assess damage, take pictures, and notify insurance company.


Hurricane Watch – Hurricane conditions (sustained winds 74mph or higher) are possible is issued 48 hours in advance.

Hurricane Warning – Hurricane conditions (sustained winds 74mph or higher) are expected and issued 36 hours in advance.  

Pre-event Time Line

  • 72 hours prior – Monitor storm, review personal preparedness
  • 48 hours prior – Secure your home, gather supplies, consider options to evacuate
  • 36 hours prior –  Secure outside objects, and vehicles, ensure you have food, fuel, cash
  • 24 hours prior – Evacuate, know where your shelter is located; bring personal items, blankets, food, water, medical supplies, and pets with food, leash, and carrying case. Closest shelter: Gulf Gate Elem. 6500 S Lockwood Ridge Rd.
  • During Event 
    • Notify your family that you are safe. Sarasota County Emergency Preparedness will not respond until winds are less than 45mph.  If you have an emergency (fire/injury), call 911.   
  • Post Event
    • Sarasota County Emergency WAIT FOR ALL CLEAR
    • Assess damage (take pictures, and notify insurance company)

*For detailed planning refer to Venetian Park Emergency Response Guide/Plan