Requirements for purchase or sale of a home at Venetian Park Estates, Inc. (VPE):

According to the office of Atty Harlan R. Domber, PA, “because we are a Not-for-profit Membership Corporation, with a resident-owned home owners association, you will need legal assistance to sell or purchase a home at VPE. This process has been in place since incorporation in 1988 and is binding whether you are working alone or using the services of a Real Estate Agent or Title Company.”


1.      An “Approval of Sale” document must be sent to VPE’s office from a lawyer (we recommend Atty Domber—see below) or legal office requesting notarized proof that the Board of Directors at VPE has officially approved the potential Buyer as a new resident and member of the VPE non-profit corporation. Approval by the Board of Directors is contingent on a) an interview of the Buyer(s) and b) a background check which are the responsibility of the new Buyer. Once this step has been completed, the legal office will move on to number 2 below.

Documents required by the Buyer in the interview process are:

a.      Proof of age: a COPY of a photo ID (e.g., driver’s license or passport).

b.      Social Security number

c.       A check in the amount of $50.00 for Background Checks payable to Venetian Park Estates, Inc.


2.      An “Assignment of Proprietary Lease” (similar to a deed for the transfer of the cooperative parcel (land) upon which your new home sits) must be sent to our office at VPE from a lawyer or legal office which, if approved, is signed by our Board of Directors. “Without this Proprietary Lease there is no ownership of the cooperative parcel, even if monies have been exchanged under a private contract”, (Atty Harlan Domber, PA).


3.      Mobile Home Transfer of Title: Once steps 1 and 2 above have been completed, the legal office or lawyer will facilitate the paperwork for a “Mobile Home Transfer of Title from the seller to the Buyer. 


4.      Membership Certificate: In the end, Atty. Harlan Domber must have evidence of the following documents so that a new membership certificate in the cooperative association may be issued to you:

a.       Copy of recorded cooperative association's Approval of Sale (see # 1 above);

b.      Copy of recorded Assignment of Proprietary Lease (see # 2 above);

c.       Evidence of completed transfer of mobile home title(s), either by copy/copies of the new registration receipt(s) or by copy/copies of the new mobile home certificate(s) of title (see # 3 above);

d.      Seller's original membership certificate in Venetian Park Estates, Inc., for cancellation; and

e.       Payment of Atty. Harlan Domber's membership certificate preparation & recording fee of $100.00.


General Information:

1.      Rules & Regulations: required to be in the home at all times. All new Owners / Members are responsible for knowing and applying all Rules & Regulations for themselves, guests and visitors.

2.      Voter’s Certificate: Each home is allowed one vote on all issues impacting the general membership. Each home is asked to choose one person as ‘voter’ and submit a “Voter’s Certificate” to the VPE office which will be kept on record and used to verify all voting throughout the year.


Contact Information:                                             Lawyer recommended by Venetian Park Estates, Inc.

Venetian Park Estates, Inc.

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Tel: 941-966-4622  (Office Clerk is Tony)

Atty. Harlan R. Domber, PA.

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